This is the cause of babies wrapped around the umbilical cord

Babies wrapped around the umbilical cord is one condition that often occurs during pregnancy. Perhaps many are wondering what causes the baby to be wrapped around the umbilical cord, and also feel worried that this condition can cause complications. Research shows, generally babies wrapped around the umbilical cord does not always harm, and does not strangle the baby, because a healthy umbilical cord is protected by jelly called Wharton’s jelly. This function is to keep the umbilical cord elastic, even though the baby is actively moving in the womb. Nearly half of the cases of umbilical cord twisting are generally quite loose, so that by moving or displacing the baby's position in the uterus it can be released from the loop before birth. However, what needs to be watched out is if the blood vessels in the umbilical cord are pinched or depressed due to the movement of the baby in the womb. This can inhibit the flow of blood that carries oxygen to the baby. Barriers to blood flow
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